Learn Social media marketing strategies.

Hey guys you are welcome to my blog. My name is Zainab Umar Baffa, a wife, mum and an entrepreneur. I am a digital marketing instructor, certified social media marketer, and a business consultant.

On this blog, you will be learning so many ways to take your business online. We are in a world of technology, where everything is digital. Do you know that 4.2 billion of the world’s population use the internet and 3.4 billion are on social media? In Nigeria more than 22 million people are online. Billions of business are also online. There are endless opportunities when you make an online presence for your business today.

I know a lot of you guys are into one or two online businesses. You post your products on Facebook, Instagram, twitter,WhatsApp etc daily for weeks or months without selling or any engagement? The highest is for a potential customers to say i will get back to you soon and that soon never ever came. I know the struggle, it’s frustrating. That’s why i am here for you. I love social media a lot and love coaching people. Every one deserves to sell isn’t it?

Am so proud seeing the youths creating jobs for themselves without waiting for the government. Both men and women, teenagers and adults are into one or two businesses. Amazing right?

Therefore, follow this blog for life changing social media marketing tips, tricks and hacks that will take your business to another level. Learn how to make a business plan, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp Marketing strategies, do’s and don’ts of social media marketing, how to set up an amazing Instagram business account, etc… check out my IG page below for daily Instagram tips.

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