Have you been struggling with your weight? Have you been taking all sorts of slimming teas but still not satisfied? Well, Em Jay’s Fitness Therapy has a solution for you.

Here’s an opportunity to join our weight loss challenge. End of year BONUS class!

Join our 30 days weight loss therapy that will make you healthier and sexier for the coming new year, enter 2019 with your desired and long awaited dream body.

Join our fitness class that will help you kill that annoying tummy fat, arms and thighs in just 30 days. Yes, loose 7kg-15kg in 30 days eating Nigerian Food. The meal plan promise to be a friendly one that won’t give you rooms for cheating.

Your long awaited time has come, no more spending thousands of naira on pills and all sort of concoction. Spending money in the gym just to have that body but went all in vein? Worry not dear because the solution is here at your door step.

And for your information it’s not keto diet. Here, you got to eat Nigerian food but in moderation. Just join me now to know the secret. We promise to give you a well organized meal plan and work out video that are very active and super fast which can be done at your own room without buying any gyming equipment. Also, recipes of the meals will be made available.

Hurry up let’s kill that bastardization fat that makes you shy and insecure in front of your friends and colleagues that turns you into mama when you a still a young lady..

Don’t hesitate to chat me up

Date: 15th Dec 018

Venue: WhatsApp (08133613541)

Fees: 1000 only.

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