Cooking is a skill every woman should learn. As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, this is actually correct, as a woman if you don’t know how to make mouthwatering dishes for your man, then there’s a serious problem.

In our society today, young ladies take learning how to cook for granted. All they can do is to make noodles (indomie) and fries. That is not enough to tell you the truth. There are so many catering schools around that you can register and learn amazing dishes. There are also online catering classes that you can register too.

I know some of you will say there are also various recipes that go round on different WhatsApp groups. My dear, all most all of those recipes are not original, wrong measurements and majority of them fail. Let me tell you a short story. There was a time I saw a simple doughnut recipe, the picture attached with that recipe was so inviting. I was soo excited to give it a try, i made sure i followed each step without missing any. I used the exact measurements stated, but unfortunately i wasted my time and ingredients.

This is why the 2 famous sisters Aysha and Hafsy Auyo are here once again to teach you delicious, unique and tantalizing dishes with accurate measurements, original recipes, and step by step guide including videos.

In this online class you will learn;

  1. 15 amazing dishes
  2. 5 tantalizing stews
  3. 5 yummy salads

All this for 1500 ONLY! How sweet? I promise you will not get lower than this.

Date: 15th Dec 018

Venue: WhatsApp

For more inquiries contact



Or click the link to be chat directly on WhatsApp


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